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Frequently asked questions 

where is pacific beachfest? 
Pacific beachfest is from felspar street to thomas
along the boardwalk in pacific beach.  Streets are closed
off west of mission blvd.  

when is pacific beachfest? 
Pacific beachfest 2024 is on October 5th from 9 AM-7 pm. 
there are action sports on the sand that may start
earlier than 9 am.  check here​ for full event schedule.    
Pacific beachfest is always on the 1st Saturday of

Are there tickets to Pacific Beachfest?
Pacific beachfest is a free festival, there is no entrance fee
is pacific Beachfest dog friendly?
Although there may be parts of the streets that are dog friendly, Because this event takes place on the boardwalk in the city park area, we must abide by the City of San Diego laws that prohibit dogs in the park between the hours of 9 am-6 pm.

How do I become a vendor?
We have vendor opportunities for arts and crafts businesses, and for pacific beach businesses.  you can visit here for more information!  

How do I get tickets for the fish taco contest?
you can purchase fish taco tickets the day of the festival from 11-2 pm at the food court concession stand.  tickets are $12 and you can try 5 fish tacos from participating restaurants.  vote for your favorite and return your ballot by 3:15 pm at the concession stand.  All other food vendors will be selling food directly at their booths.   
is there parking available?
The streets will be closed off to traffic west of mission blvd so street parking outside of the festival will be limited.  please pay attention to "no park signs".  There will be extra bike parking, rideshare drop off and bird scooter parking located at Thomas Ave and we encourage you to use alternative transportation to the event. there are also several (for pay) parking lots close by.
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